"Elmore Magazine is honored to offer readers an exclusive stream of the record, 11 tracks that Binion skillfully imbues with pain and anger, but also great heapings of love and beauty. Listening to the record, her process of catharsis as she struggles to cope with her sorrow is palpable. The opening track, “Long Way Back,” introduces the intimate themes of the album: “it’s hard not to question the universe’s hand and the twisted ways of the law. It’s a long way back to feelin’ good.” The album’s journey is rooted in the sweet, yearning twang of her voice, which she wields with dynamic range and power. Her earthy, perfectly-imperfect vocals recall those of Lucinda Williams, who lent her vocals to a track on Binion’s 2004 effort, Fool, and radiate warmth and welcome in tandem with poetically crafted lyrics and melodies which feel familiar from the very first listen." — Elmore Magazine

"Roots-music purism can sometimes engender the dreariest kind of snobbery, but there's still something wonderful about the right combination of a passionate voice and simple acoustic guitar." — Jon Young, Mother Jones

"North Carolina-born Terri Binion writes her folksy Americana ballads with deep-seeded honesty. No stranger to tragedy, the singer-songwriter pours emotion into Long Way Back – a summary of her personal journey through grief and loss." — Abby Wilt, Southern Living

"Binion’s story is a terrifying one, but also one of absolute love in an area where love has long been denied. It’s in that dynamic that her musical truth resides." — Billy Manes, Watermark

"A collection of long-gestating songs alongside new ones directly inspired by the losses ("Long Way Back" and "Tiny Little Landmines"), the 11-song LP is a continuance of Binion's pure, distilled Southern songwriting. It pulses with the same grace and deep feeling that's made stars like Lucinda Williams, Jim White and Jimmy Webb longtime fans. The drift, naturally, is a little heavier this time. But one thing her music has always been able to do was produce a diamond from all that world weight. And in true Binion fashion, this album reaches ever harder for hope.— Bao Le-Huu, Orlando Weekly



"Orlando, Florida-based singer songwriter Terri Binion has just released The Day After The Night Before and there is a wealth of inspiration and heartache in this powerful collection of eleven songs.

This immensely personal group of songs has an intensity and honesty that is hard to neglect.  It is not just raw emotion on display here though.  The fine songwriting is beautifully detailed and captivating arrangements permeate the album.  And it is not bitter and depressing, there is hope and a sense of looking forward."—Rob Dickens, No Depression